1995 Artemis Project Conferences
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Artemis '95 Conference

All members and friends of the Artemis Society are cordially invited to descend on Huntsville, Alabama, the birthplace of manned space flight, to plan and prepare for the next era of space exploration.

The dates:

20-23 July, 1995

The place:

The Huntsville Marriott
5 Tranquility Base
Huntsville, Alabama


There won't be much of a formal agenda. This is a informal workshop, where everyone will have a chance to have face-to-face conversations, debates, brainstorming sessions, and technical discussions. An important part of this get-together is to give the faceless online participants a chance to meet each other in person. We'll probably consume a lot of food and beverages, and generally have a good time getting to know each other and plotting the future of the space industry. The agenda is open-ended, but here is a preliminary look at what is planned:

Other activities:

The Marriott is adjacent to the US Space and Rocket Center, arguably the best space museum in the country, with lots of real hardware, a guided tour of Marshall Space Flight Center, an IMAX theater and a couple of gift shops. Co-located with the Space and Rocket Center and the Marriott is US Space Camp, with both adult and children's programs. Marshall Space Flight Center is NASA's propulsion shop, and we still do rocket testing. For those interested in specific areas of the Center, more in-depth tours can be arranged. We have a map of the area around the hotel online.


We are now officially in the Marriott reservations system. The toll free phone number is: (800) 228-9290. Mention the Artemis Society or Lunar Resources for the conference rate of $69/night. For those on a tight budget who may be looking for ways to reduce costs, we have a solution. Peter Kokh is serving as roommate and carpool coordinator. Those of you looking for roommates, those driving who would like to split transportation costs and those looking for rides should contact him. He can be contacted at the following:

Peter Kokh
1630 N. 32nd Street
Milwaukee WI 53208-2040
414-342-0705 pms, weekends

Of course, the best way to arrange a carpool and roommate for Artemis '95 is to recruit your friends and bring them along!!


To aid in planning for Artemis '95, participants are asked to register in advance, if possible. Participants are asked to contribute $30 to help pay for meeting facilities at the Marriott. Registration is available online. For more registration information, or to make comments and suggestions, please contact

Boise Pearson
12106 Carriage Ct. #C
Huntsville, AL 35803
(205) 881-8406 (before 10pm Central Time)

See you there!!!

1995 Artemis Project Conferences

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