1996 Artemis Project Conferences
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Artemis'96 Conference

Artemis '96
Artemis Project Business Conference

Key points:

  1. This is a business meeting, not a technical conference.
  2. Open only to Artemis Society members (but it's not too late to join!)
  3. Advance registration is required, by June 1, 1996.


June 28-30, 1996 (Friday through Sunday)


Nassau Bay Hilton & Marina
3000 Nasa Road One
Houston, Texas 77058 USA

713-333-9300 or 1-800-HILTONS


Make your room reservations directly with the hotel.

$84 a night, single or double, plus 13% for the governor. Ask for the Artemis conference rate. Phone 713-333-9300 or 1-800-HILTONS.


Open only to Artemis Society members


$30 for Artemis Society members, $55 for non-members Checks payable in US$ to "Artemis Society International". The extra $25 for non-members pays your annual dues in the Artemis Society.

Advance registration is required. No memberships will be available at the door. Registration closes 1 June 96; earlier is better.


Send advance registrations (by June 1) to:

Artemis Society of Houston
PO Box 590213
Houston, TX 77259-0213



Artemis Project Comm & Info Center <>.


This is a business meeting, not a technical conference. We do not plan to have sessions regarding lunar base design or spacecraft development. The goal for this conference is to establish program plans for the Artemis Project.

If you want to participate in development of the the Artemis Project, its supporting non-profit organizations, or participating commercial businesses, you'll want to attend. If that stuff bores you to tears but you'd still like to meet some of the people who are making the Artemis Project happen, you could have fun at Space Center Houston or rent a sailboat and brave the perils of Clear Lake.

Air Travel:

Fly in to Hobby Airport (HOU) or Ellington Field (EFD). Continental Airlines runs a shuttle flight from IAH to EFD; no charge if you fly in on Continental.

You can get here from Houston Intercontintal (IAH), but it's a long drive. Allow about 1.5 hours from IAH to the hotel during peak drive times.


From Hobby Airport: Airport Blvd east to I-45, head south to Nasa Road One exit. East on Nasa Road One.

From Houston: I-45 South to Nasa Road One exit. East on Nasa Road One, across Highway 3, across El Camino, past the entrances to the Johnson Space Center. The hotel is on the right (south side of the road). Look for a 10-story tower with "Hilton" written all over it.

From Ellington Field: Highway 3 south to Nasa Road One. Turn left (eastbound).

When You Get Here:

Registration will be in a suite on the top floor; ask at the front desk for the Artemis Society Suite. If you get a blank stare, ask for James Sewell or Gregory Bennett. If all else fails, cruise the top couple floors looking for a suite marked "Room L", or on Saturday head down the stairs from the lobby and look for us in a large glass-walled conference room. We are not planning to use any of the big ballrooms on the main floor.

Registration Form:

The registration form below lists what we need to know to sign you up.


                               June 28-30, 1996
     Nassau Bay Hilton & Marina, 3000 Nasa Road One, Houston, Texas 77058

To: Artemis Society of Houston
    PO Box 590213
    Houston, TX 77259-0213

Attention: Jim Sewell

Check one:
____ My Artemis Society membership number is _____________.  Enclosed is $30
     in U.S. funds to cover the cost of conference membership.

____ Sign me up for the conference and the Artemis Society, too!  Enclosed
     is $55 in U.S. funds to cover the conference plus my first year's dues
     in Artemis Society International.

____ Enclosed is $________________ for _____________________________________




        Please make checks payable to Artemis Society International.
      Advance registration is required.  Registration closes 1 June 1996.


   Name ____________________________________________________________________

   Street Address __________________________________________________________


   City ____________________________ State __________ Code _________________

   Electronic Mail _________________________________________________________

   Phones __________________________________________________________________

   Badge Name  _____________________________________________________________
               Conference membership badges will have your first name in
               large type.  What name do you use in conversation?

____ Check here if you wrote some notes on the back we shouldn't miss.


1996 Artemis Project Conferences

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