Cost Analysis
Section 3.2.
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Reference Mission Costs

Costs, in millions of 1995US$

Project Management           86.8    6.1%
Spacecraft Design            38.1    2.7%
Software Development         30.8    2.2%
Ops Planning & Integration   24.9    1.7%
Ground Test & Verification   65.7    4.6%
Launch Vehicle Integration    3.7    0.3%
Sales & Mktg                 20.6    1.4%
Spacecraft Hardware         350.9   24.7%
Launch and Recovery         800.0   56.3%

      Total               1,421.5  100.0%

Launch and Recovery is for two Space Shuttle launches, at $400 million each, including various related expenses. We'll probably not use the shuttle for most of the mass, as it's expensive and there's a rule against launching cryogenic fuels, but it works for the cost figures and a cheaper launcher will only make the numbers look better.

Cost Analysis

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