Revenue Sources
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Overview of Artemis Project Revenues

To most people, manned space flight is just another kind of entertainment, and really nothing more. That's the good news! The economic power of the entertainment industry is enormously greater than all aerospace endeavors combined. The Artemis Project pays for the initial lunar base primarily by exploiting the entertainment value of the grand adventure of space flight. Once we're on the moon, we continue developing the lunar community with entertainment and tourism.

It takes a lot money to build a moon base, but the adventure is so much fun that net revenues from the entertainment value of the project, through its first flight, is more than US$5 billion. This is the immediate return; it does not include the profit to be made in the long run by exploiting lunar resources. These revenue estimates are based on comparison to similar mass-marketing ventures which tie movies and television shows in with associated merchandise and services.

Our challenge is to make the program fun. Fun, not just for the community of space enthusiasts who already share the vision, but for the vast market of people all over the world who think of space travel as the subject of big government programs and science fiction movies.

The Apollo program was run with engineering precision, its drama hidden by the need for a government agency to present an unflagging image of confidence to the world. In stark contrast, The Artemis Project is designed to be entertaining from the start. With half a dozen science fiction writers already working on the project, we think it is very likely we will attain that goal and still retain the project's major appeal which sets it apart from science fiction productions -- the Artemis Project is real.

In short, we plan to pay for the initial stages of the project through shameless commercialism.

Revenue Sources

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