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How Angus Bay Got Its Name

In 1996, I was guest of honor at First Contact, a space and science fiction convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. During a break in the convention program, I was talking with Peter Kokh about candidate landing sites. It turns out we both favored the Mare Crisium region.

Peter suggested landing near the western shore of Mare Crisium; however I wanted to put the first lunar base closer to the moon's limb, mostly for show business reasons. That's why I had picked a little bay at the south end of Mare Anguus, about 72 E, 20 N; near the eastern shore of Mare Crisium.

Peter hurried off to look at his moon globe, and came back with a look of horror on his face. "Sea of Snakes?" he said.

"OK, so we'll call it Angus Bay," I replied.

And that's how Angus Bay got its name. It's a Scottish thing, y'see.

If you look on a lunar chart down near the southern regions of Mare Anguus, you'll see a W-shaped region of flat terrain surrounded by some rather rugged mountains. The westernmost of the two inlets is the region we have dubbed Angus Bay.

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