Spacecraft Design
Section 4.2.
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Reference Mission Spacecraft Mass

The spacecraft mass, specific impulse (ISP), and fuel requirements listed below match up with the reference mission timeline of burns and maneuvers.

LTV CM Dry Weight        4,000 lbs  (1,814 kg)  Command Module 
LTV SM Dry Weight        3,000 lbs  (1,361 kg)  Service Module
LTV TLI Fuel            50,843 lbs (23,062 kg)  Translunar Injection
LTV LUNO Insert Fuel    11,490 lbs  (5,223 kg)  Lunar Orbit Insertion
LTV LUNO Circ Fuel         139 lbs     (63 kg)  Lunar Orbit Circularization
LTV Plane Change Fuel      218 lbs     (99 kg)  Lunar Orbit Plane Change
LTV TEI Fuel             4,258 lbs  (1,931 kg)  Transearth Injection
LTV LEOI Fuel            8,968 lbs  (4,068 kg)  Earth Orbit Insertion
ISP LTV                    460 sec              LTV Specific Impulse

Hab Weight              15,000 lbs  (6,804 kg)  Exploration Base Habitat
Airlock Weight             600 lbs    (272 kg)  Airlock
Desc Dry Weight            900 lbs    (408 kg)  Descent Stage
ISP Desc                   460 sec              Descent Stage Specific Impulse

Asc Dry Weight           1,600 lbs    (726 kg)  Ascent Stage
Asc Fuel                 1,730 lbs    (785 kg)  Ascent Fuel
ISP Asc                    260 sec              Ascent Stage Specific Impulse

The reference mission timeline is in section 4.1.1 of the Artemis Data Book.

More detailed mass properties are listed in the system engineering data in section

Spacecraft Design

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