Contribution to Long-Range Plans
Section 5.1.2.
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It's Lots More Than a Publicity Stunt

The microlander's payload consists of just a small camera and a communication system to send those pictures back to us here on Earth. It might not seem like much of a mission, but the benefit we derive from this little mission go far beyond a bit of publicity. This mission is a vital part of forging the whole Artemis Project team into a viable organization to conduct flights to the moon.

Not all the processes are scalable, but the team will acquire funadamental knowledge and experience in:

In the process of doing this, we also set up:

We'll get some nifty pictures; maybe even close-ups of potential landing sites for more elaborate missions.

We'll probably also get some nifty publicity for the concept of private enterprise on the moon.

I'm hoping we will derive a serendipitous benefit of settling the stomachs of the folks who are afraid of private enterprise space ventures. In the past few years, I've been surprised to learn that NASA folks -- those with real civil service badges -- embrace the idea of private manned space ventures. It's the contractors we have problems with.

We might even generate some public acceptance and enthusiasm for the idea. That establishes a seed market, which can grow to the point that we can afford to conduct more elaborate missions, starting with the roving robots and moving on to the manned landing.

Contribution to Long-Range Plans

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