Lunar Sample Return
Section 5.5.
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Lunar Sample Return

Our Lunar Sample Return concept, originally developed in 1996, is a proposal to send a small probe to the Moon and return samples to Earth for both science and commercial use. The samples would be sold to pay for the mission and generate revenues for Artemis Project Reference Mission.

We have continued to develop this program, but for business reasons have not been updating the information on the public web. Concepts for microlander spacecraft grew from development of the sample return mission, which in turn lead to establishing the Artemis Society Microlander Team and then to Transorbital, Inc, an Artemis Project Program Participant developing microspacecraft for orbital and landing missions.

This exercise also taught us the hazards of revealing too much business information on the public web. At least one other company, which advertises itself as a marketing company rather than a spacecraft company, has been formed with a business plan that plagiarizes the business plans and technical information presented here without even acknowledging the Artemis Project as their source.

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