Section 6.2.
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ASI Articles of Incorportation

Articles of Incorporation


Artemis Society International


Pursuant to the provisions of the Alabama Non-Profit Business Corporation Act, the undersigned hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation:

Article I -- Name
The name of the Corporation is Artemis Society International.

Article II -- Duration
The duration of the corporation is perpetual.

Article III -- Purposes
The corporation has been organized to conduct educational, technical, legal, and financial activities to encourage establishment of a self-supporting permanent human presence on the moon, and to transact any or all lawful business for which corporations may be incorporated under the Alabama Non-Profit Business Corporation Act.

Article IV -- Members
Membership shall consist of the Board of Directors, Officers, the Board of Advisors, and various classes of Members. The designation of all types of membership, the manner of election or appointment and the qualifications and rights of each type shall be set forth in the bylaws of the Society.

Article V -- Registered Office/Agent
The location and street address of the initial registered office is 12106 Carriage Ct. Ste. C, Huntsville, Alabama, 35803 and the name of its initial registered agent at such address is Jon Boise Pearson.

Article VI -- Board of Directors
The number of Directors is five. The Directors names and addresses are:
Jon Boise Pearson
David Tabb
Ian Randal Strock
Dana Carson
Gregory R. Bennett

Article VII -- Incorporators
The names and addresses of the initial incorporators are as follows:
Jon Boise Pearson
David Tabb

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the undersigned incorporators have executed these Articles of Incorporation, on this, the fourth day of August, 1995.

This document prepared by:
J Boise Pearson

Signature of J. Boise Pearson

Signature of David Tabb


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