Technical Committees
Section 6.7.
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Technical Committees

This chapter contains the working and administrative files, in addition to general information, about these teams who determine the details and implementation of the Artemis Project.

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6. Artemis Society International
   6.1. History
   6.2. Charter
   6.3. Organization
   6.4. Board of Advisors
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   6.6. Membership Directory
   6.7. Technical Committees
      6.7.1. Technical Council
      6.7.2. Advanced Programs
      6.7.3. Mission Development
      6.7.4. Spacecraft Systems Design
      6.7.5. Spacecraft Production
   6.8. Spacecraft Development Project Team
   6.9. Artemis Society Publications
   6.10. Artemis Society Sponsors

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Office of Space Flight Tech Committee Index

Advanced Programs Directorate Responsibilities

Advanced Programs Directorate Members

Mission Development Directorate Responsibilities

Mission Development Directorate Members

Spacecraft Systems Design Directorate Responsibilities

Spacecraft Systems Design Directorate Members

Spacecraft Production Directorate Responsibilities

Spacecraft Production Directorate Members

Joining Technical Commitees

How to Get Technical Committees and Project Teams Started

Leading a Technical Committee

Duties for Chairman

Problem Solving Techniques

Using the Net for Team Communication

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