Lunar Base Advanced Planning Tech Committee
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Related External Web Sites

The following is a list of papers with relevant content matter, but located elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

Lunar Base Quarterly at the IAA

Lava Tube Detection Methods

These are all related to non-restricted information provided by the USAF in relation to space activities. The last URL relates to their 25-year foresight report.
Two financial models for space transportations systems:

Good references and clear explanations of economic modeling.

System Dynamics and simulation techniques.

Various modelling scenarios.
These "cover a range of topics including government social and economic policy, microsimulation model building and more.". These are large files (1100k or more) and are more focussed on social affairs than industry.

Fixed Point Theory.
"Resources about the body of mathematical techniques for proposing conditions under which sets of assumptions (underlying economic models) have solutions." This document was available only in outline format at the time of writing, but may be worth referring to if it ever becomes developed.

Syllabus of Readings for Artificial Life and Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE).
Useful as a key topics reference, more links within this page. This site may have some application to the hardware design people at ASI.

A Web-Based Environment for the Reuse of Simulation Models
A paper proposing how to impliment web-based modelling systems.

The Elements of Evolutionary Economics

Lunar Base Advanced Planning Tech Committee

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