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Possible Landing Sites

There has been work done examining the Geologic Map of the Cleomedes Quadrangle (USGS map I-707) and there are some candidate areas to suggest within Angus bay. The floor of Mare Anguis is mapped as being comprised of two distinct maria units, the southern being younger than the northern. Part of this area is also covered by copernican ray deposits. There are a number of groups working on mapping elemental abundances on the moon from various remote sensing techniques, and I think we should consider their data (which I am working on digging up) in the site selection process.

Taking a quick look over the geologic map, I have some specific suggestions to make, based upon the following critera: 1) Site on smooth maria deposits, 2) Rugged highlands (mapped as 1-3.5 km of relief) to west - for views of earth over rugged moonscape, 3) variety of interesting geological features = rocks of different ages/compositions = potential resources within a few tens of km. I would thus suggest the consideration of areas around the following three coordinates:

63 deg 20 min E, 26 deg 50 min N
67 deg 10 min E, 24 deg 40 min N
67 deg 10 min E, 21 deg 40 min N

There are lots more possibilities out there, and lots more data we would need to pin anything down, so take these as suggestions to think about.

Lunar Science Tech Committee

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