Lunar Power Systems Technical Committee
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The following is a list of papers with related material, but located elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

NASA Projects and Pages

Photovoltaic Power for the Moon
An article from the Canadian Space Gazette, 1996, that describes power production possibilities for a lunar base, including self-deploying photo-voltaic arrays, regenerative fuel cells, and laser beam power. Includes references.

Photovoltaics Using In Situ Resource Utilization for HEDS
A NASA paper describing in-situ resource utilization for lunar power systems. Abstract: One of the most important elements of a human planetary base is power production. Lunar data make it clear that several types of solar-to-electric converters can be manufactured on the Moon. Materials research and processing demonstrations are suggested that can be carried out on Earth, the Space Transportation System (STS), the International Space Station (ISS), and on the Moon to advance the in situ production of solar-to-electric power systems on the Moon. Many of the technologies will be applicable to Mars, the silicate moons, and asteroids.

Other Organizations

The International Solar Energy Society
Contacts, searchable database, and reports on the many projects undertaken on Earth. They have national chapters in a good selection of countries around the World.

Tools and software

Thermal-systems modelling tool.
Written in FORTRAN for PC compilers, and there are downloadable demos. This is a useful insight into the formal methods applicable to energy systems modelling.

Other sites of interest

Earth-based site for self-sufficient solar-powered living.
Good practical information and systems design using off-the-shelf technology.

Renewable Energy Source Guide
Lists sources for various renewable energy businesses. Look under "The Source for Renewable Energy" for a listing of virtually every Photovoltaic Cell and PV Systems manufacturer in the world.

Lunar Power Systems Technical Committee

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