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Specifications and Costs of Class A Shipping Containers

Bob Reuter

The Class "A" container is legal for cargo anywhere in the world, at a unit cost of $1,850. While other size containers are avaliable, the 40 ft (Class A) version has the price advantage because it is the most common.

The container's empty weight is 7,500 lbs, with a capacity of 80,000 lbs. The inside dimensions are:

Height       7 ft 10 in
Width        7 ft  4 in
Length      39 ft  4 in

Shipping cost from Baltimore to Houston via truck is $1,500, or $1,200 by rail. If no modifications are made, it could be delivered anywhere for free. Routine shipping costs are generally about 75 cents per mile, plus loading and unloading.

As of this writing, availability is a little tight, but this should be resolved by the beginning of 1998.

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