Logistics Tech Committee
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Logistics Technical Committee Task List

Please select tasks from the list below and give your hand in the writing, calculations, and research. The Logistics Technical Committee performs necessary functions which are not to be overlooked. As of this point, nearly everything needs a volunteer.

Coordinate With Other Technical Committees

It is important to advise other technical groups as to the feasibility of different mission options in terms of logistical cost. This committee must maintain a presence on a number of Technical Committees, and remind everyone to check with the the Logistics Tech Committee before formulating any extensive plans.

Logistics Awareness Program

For this project to operate efficiently, it is important for individuals in other Tech Committees to be able to conduct preliminary evaluations of the logistical problems involved in a particular option. For example, everyone must realize that one cannot assume 50,000 lb of rocket fuel will automatically show up at the desired location.

Launch Logistics

Although there are many low-cost boosters in countries other than the USA, it is important to factor in logistics to the cost of the launch. Some launch sites in question, especially Russian sites, need a preliminary analysis before other groups can come to a definite conclusion as to a launch site and thus the capibility of the boosters being used. This will become more refined as time goes on, requirements become more concrete and the number of launch sites being considered drops.

Logistics Research Task Group

Often the logistics technical committee will be called upon to perform short-term analyses of the logistical aspect of another team's project. A task group will be assigned to or formed for a task, and on completion that task will be removed from the task list.


We are always looking for additional volunteers to help with the tasks outlined relating to the Logistics Technical Committee. If you are willing to give it a try, even if you don't have any experience in the area you would like to work in, please send mail with the task you want to help with to <>.

Logistics Tech Committee

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