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FEMTS Project Team

What is FEMTS?

This particular Artemis Society acronym stands for Future Earth-Moon Transportation Systems, and the Artemis Society FEMTS Project Team is in the business of trying to look past the first few Artemis Project Missions and develop conceptual designs of the transportation systems that will need to be in place for the developing lunar community. We then disseminate these designs to the rest of the Artemis Project for use in 'telling the story' of what the Artemis Project is really all about - that YOU can go too.

Draft Charter:

The FEMTS Project Team helps to provide a long-term vision of what the future of the Artemis Project is once the Lunar Community is sufficiently developed to the point that "you can go too." This is accomplished by:

FEMTS Project #1:

Develop conceptual design for first generation Lunar tourism transportation system to provide ~50 passengers with passage to and from moon, with a departure rate of once per day.


  1. Mass, shape, basic layout, cost estimates of vehicle(s) required
  2. Rough design and layout of interior (passenger compartment)
  3. Description of additional support facilities needed (layout, cost estimate, etc.)
  4. Approximate ticket cost in current US$

FEMTS Team Organization:

The efforts required to meet these deliverables fit into three areas, each of which will be a "group" within the FEMTS Team [of course, these groups will overlap quite a bit, particularly at the beginning of the effort.] The groups are:

Each Group will have a lead. The purpose of this is two-fold: first, it seems to make sense as there are some very different issues that must be addressed, but second, and perhaps more importantly, it should increase the overall inertia of the project, so that the recent months-long blackout caused by my effective absence does not happen again. In essence, instead of having a single-point failure possibility, namely myself, we have multiple layers of backup, and the three leads and myself can work together to ensure that the project moves along, and we actually get something done.


You'll notice that I talk a lot about models on the pages for each Group. Let me say just a word about them. The concept is that just about anything can be modeled. And in this way the design process can be compartmentalized, with each step being somewhat independent of the other. In other words, only inputs and outputs are passed around, so not everyone has to know how each model works.

For instance, say you need to figure out how much a Liquid Oxygen tank will weigh. You would contact the owner of the fuel tank model, who happens to be me right now, and give me the inputs that I require to give you your output. The inputs for the fuel tank model (see the Technical Group Page) are propellant type & weight, tank shape & volume, and tank pressure. Its outputs are tank mass, (and also tank thickness, if someone wants that too).

Initially, I might use a model like: Fuel tank weight = 5% of weight of propellent inside it

So you would give me the inputs that you knew, I would determine or calculate the mass of he propellant, multiply it by 0.05, and give the tank mass back to you. But the point is that you don't need to know how I do this, so when I have a bit more time, and come up with a more exact model for fuel tank weight, that includes all the inputs, does a stress analysis to choose the correct thickness to handle the pressure, including that induced by the acceleration of the vehicle, and then give you the mass, the process is the same as far as you are concerned. In this way, the owner is responsible for maintaining (and hopefully documenting) the current version of the model, and updating it periodically, as he gets a better and better understanding of it.

So if you know something about one of the models listed, and want to volunteer to be the owner of it, please join. New, Improved FEMTS Task List

Want to help out?? Here are some things we need people to work on.

Index of Past Work

This page discusses what's happened recently (and not so recently) in the world of FEMTS...

How To Join:

We use the art-femts mailing list as our primary means of communication. If you would like to be a member of the FEMTS team, please send mail to

SSTO Concept Design Project Team

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