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FEMTS Financial Group

Adam London

The FEMTS Financial Group deals with the financial side of the design of Future Earth-Moon Transportation Systems; primarily providing insight as to the effect design changes will have on eventual per person ticket price. This is done through developing and maintaining the Financial Model and sub-Models described below.

We are looking for someone to head up the financial side of FEMTS. If you are interested, please contact Adam London at <>.

Financial Model

The overall goal of the Financial Model is to determine the per passenger ticket price, based on the following inputs (and any others that the Financial Group may decide are necessary)

Each of the inputs above, will be based on the outcome of a model itself. At first this model will probably be as simple as vehicle development cost = $25 Billion, independent of its shape, size, etc. But once we are farther along, the idea is that this would slowly become closer to whatever the "real" development cost would be, taking into account the design of the vehicle.

The following table is a starting point for what might eventually be the inputs and outputs of the various sub-models that feed into the main Ticket Cost model.

By the way, an excellent beginning to this process was done by Greg Bennett and can be found at SSTO Business Plan

Model Name Inputs Outputs Owner
Vehicle Development Cost dry mass, development time, # people involved dollars ??
Vehicle Unit Cost dry mass, materials, construction time, labor required dollars per vehicle ??
Ground Ops Cost (maintenance, facility upkeep, training) # vehicles, # eng/vehicle, labor, etc. dollars per year, or dollars per flight ??
Fuel Facility Cost Fuel type & mass; # vehicles; flight frequency $ to build, and $/year or $/flight to operate ??

SSTO Concept Design Project Team

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