SSTO Concept Design Project Team
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FEMTS Interior Design Group

Adam London

The FEMTS Interior Design Group deals with the interior layout and design of future Earth-Moon Transportation vehicles.

Why bother with the details like this?

Perhaps the most important function of the FEMTS Project Team is to demonstrate the fundamental idea behind the Artemis Project: that YOU can go, too. In doing this, we look beyond the first few missions where a lucky few actors and (hopefully!) engineers will be voyaging to the moon to the point where anyone with sufficient resources can purchase a ticket for a vacation at the Luna-city Hotel in Angus Bay, and those without can apply for a job as the hotel's bartender or concierge.

Part of this is to show people what the vehicles that they travel in would look like, and though much of that will be based on technical issues like maximum stresses, rocket specific impulses and fuel densities, an equally important side of this is what the passenger compartment will look like. What is the inside of this spacecraft to the moon going to look like? Will I have a bed, a porthole, just a seat, or what? Additionally, the setup of the passenger and crew areas does have a large effect on the overall design of the vehicle, since the passenger compartment, particularly once passengers, crew, and supplies are added makes up a significant fraction of the dry weight of an Earth-Moon vehicle.

For many or perhaps most, working on this part of the design may be the most interesting, fun, and exciting part. If you've ever had the urge to design the interior layout of a spaceship, here's your chance.

We are looking for someone to head this segment of the project team. If you are interested, please contact Adam London at <>. Some experience with interior design, architecture, or yacht interior design and layout would probably help but is certainly not required.

SSTO Concept Design Project Team

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