SSTO Concept Design Project Team
Section 6.8.7.
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SSTO Concept Design PT Task List

Define Requirements of SSTO

The first step in creating a vehicle is knowing what it must do. Here the requirements are laid out in detail, so that the strawman design can be made reflecting them. The requirements are subject to little change after being set.

Create Preliminary Strawman Design

Once we have the requirements of the passenger SSTO, we then draw up a preliminary design. This, of course, is always being modified when it is found to lead to excessive air drag, or an unreasonable mass-ratio, or some other flaw. It is then changed to reflect the data, and the new design is checked until the spacecraft meets or exceeds all the requirements.

Detail Design, Mass, Performance, Cost

Here we take the strawman design, and expand it, and detail its systems to get an accurate idea of its performance, cost, and basically how well it compares to the requirements. Where it falls short (for example, having an insufficient payload after a modification), a change is recommended and the strawman design is altered (for example, replacing the structure with composites and increasing the vehicle size).

Coordinate with other Technical Committees

The SSTO to the moon project is essential to the long-term future of lunar development. Because of its importance, it is essential to keep other technical committees up-to-date as to the current design, requirements, payload, and other topics of interest so the other Technical Committees can do their work accurately. Other groups will be added as they get organized.


The SSTO Concept Design Project Team is always looking for new members to help with the tasks outlined above. This is an essential field of work, and it's a lot of fun too! If you are willing to give it a try, please send mail with the task you want to help with to OSF Administrator <>.

SSTO Concept Design Project Team

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