SSTO Concept Design Project Team
Section 6.8.7.
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FEMTS Technical Group

Adam London

The FEMTS Technical Group, overseen by the Technical Group Lead, deals with the "nuts & bolts" part of spacecraft design in creating the conceptual designs for Future Earth/Moon Transportation Systems. Much of this revolves around trade studies between different concepts, and the associate number crunching of actually making a conceptual design.

Technical Models

However, another vital role is the development and maintenance of the FEMTS Technical Models used throughout the trade and design process.

The following table of models is my initial thoughts as to the primary technical models that will be required in order for the FEMTS group to have a coherent design process as we try to develop our conceptual designs for Future Earth-Moon Transportation Systems. It is only a beginning of a list, and is by no means complete, either in what models will be required or in what their particular inputs and outputs will be.

At some point, once they are more fully developed, the ownership of some of these models may switch to an Artemis Technical Committee, as some will undoubtedly be useful for other parts of the Artemis Project.

Model Name Inputs Outputs Owner
Orbit Mechanics LEO parameters, trip time delta-V requried for each mission phase ??
ECLS # people, trip time ECLS equipment mass & vol; ECLS consumables mass & vol ??
Aerobrake mass vehicle; required delta-V; max g-load mass & area of aerobrake required ??
Propellant Tank Propellant type & mass; pressure; volume; shape tank mass Adam London
Engine thrust required # and mass of engines Adam London
Aeroshell mass, size, shape of vehicle; expected loads; aeroshell mass ??
Launch trajectory launch location;vehicle mass, size,shape delta-V required for orbit insertion ??
Mass Ratios delta-V each mission phase; propellant type mass ratio for each phase Adam London

SSTO Concept Design Project Team

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