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Microlander Related External Web Sites

Following is a list of papers related to the Microlander Team's work, located elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

AmSat - Small Amateur Satellites
Most of these things are around 60 kg in mass and around 40 cm on a side, undeployed. The Phase 3D craft is the most ambitious, massing almost a thousand kilos. The Phase 3D uses an electrical ammonia arc-jet system for station-keeping.

SUNSAT is a 60kg, 45 by 45 by 62 cm micro satellite being designed, built and tested by students at the Electronic Systems Laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University.

Summary of Amateur Satellites
There are at least 11 small amateur satellites (using ham radio but not necessarily otherwise associated with AMSAT) being constructed all over the world.

NASA History office
The NASA History office offers a repository of historical data about all NASA projects to date. The Survyeor mission is of particular interest to the Microlander team.

Surrey Lunar Orbiter Mission

Surrey Paper on Feasibility of a Low-Cost Lunar Mission
"Other on-going projects that are related, include autonomous navigation and guidance for a lunar mission. It is proposed that the orbiter will release a small instrument package on to the Moon's surface. A current project aims to specify and develop such an instrument."

Radiation-Hardened CCD Equivalents
CIDS (Charge Injection Detectors). Radiation-hardened CCD equivalents.

Microlander Project Team

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