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29 January 1999

CyberTeams Releases TeamWSD lite 1.0

CyberTeams On January 25, 1999, CyberTeams®, Inc. announced the commercial release of version 1.0 of TeamWSD lite, its newest software product designed to provide central control over multiple data repositories and virtual domains. Like the other CyberTeams products, WebSite Director® and WebSite Director lite, TeamWSD lite grew out of the requirements of the Artemis Project. A growing number of ASI technical committees and project teams are using private directories on the Artemis Project web site managed by WebSite Director lite. TeamWSD lite was developed to provide a central administration capability for those multiple private directories and to radically simplify the process of creating new private directories.

During the development of TeamWSD lite, the Artemis Project web site served as the "alpha" test environment, providing real-world testing of the software. On September 30, 1998, TeamWSD lite entered beta testing with several ISPs and web hosting companies as beta clients. The requirements that web hosting companies face in allowing their customers to manage their own web content turned out to closely parallel the use of private directories on the Artemis Project web site. TeamWSD lite will soon become a standard service available from many web hosting providers, thanks to the feedback received from many ASI members during the development of the software.

The commercial release of TeamWSD lite is now in production use on the Artemis Project web site. As part of the sponsorship arrangement between ASI and CyberTeams, CyberTeams is providing a free unlimited license to use TeamWSD lite on the Artemis Project web site.

You can find the press release about the commercial release of TeamWSD lite at the following location:

For more information about TeamWSD lite, browse the TeamWSD lite product information pages at the following location:

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