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25 February 1999

Leadership Council Plans Membership Outreach

During the ASI Leadership Council held on February 24, plans were put in place for several new initiatives.

Last summer Artemis Society International began the transition of moving membership processing from the headquarters address in Huntsville to the Membership Services Committee led by Tim Cadell in California. Candace Dicks took over processing of new member welcome packages and renewal notices and Scotty Gammenthaler took over the Treasurer functions.

With current applications being handled promptly and efficiently, ASI is ready to clean up past membership problems. The membership committee is going through past records and reconciling information. In addition, problems with the subscription list for the Moon Miners Manifesto newsletter will soon be resolved.

The majority of new effort will be focused on outreach, an area highlighted by Gregory Bennett in his State of the Artemis Project speech. New Council member David Lundeen will head up an Outreach Committee for implementing a variety of outreach projects. The Outreach Committee will develop new brochures that will become part of a comprehensive outreach package. These packages will be mailed initially to expired ASI members, followed most likely by mailings to the NSS membership list and other space-related organizations. Other future activities of the Outreach Committee may involve advertising for ASI.

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