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December 9, 1999

Artemis Magazine Signs with a Distributor

Artemis Magazine issue #1 cover

Artemis Magazine now has a distributor. IPD (International Periodical Distributors) has agreed to pick up Artemis Magazine's first two issues, and then, depending on sales, hopefully continue.

Folks at LRC Publications are very busy getting out the publicity and advertising. Bookstores need to know the magazine is coming, and readers need to know it's available.

Editor Ian Randall Strock asks that you request Artemis Magazine at your local bookstore or magazine shop. If they don't have it, ask them to order it. Let the manager know that its available through IPD. Ask your friends and relatives to do the same. Getting the magazine on the stands increases its public visibility, and helps the entire Artemis Project. More visibility, more interest, more members, and we get moving faster. This is one of the main reasons we created the magazine.

If the magazine is available at your local store, consider buying a copy for yourself or a friend. That would go much farther toward ensuring our continued presence and success.

If you do find the magazine is a store, or the manager tells you that he will be ordering copies from IPD, please send a note to Ian Randal Strock telling him where you spotted the magazine, or where it will be.

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