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December 15, 1999

Moon in the News (Dec 1-14)

Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt prior to Apollo 17 Launch

Schmitt: Tap Nukes for Medical Use - Albuquerque Journal (November 30, 1999)
Apollo 17 Astronaut, Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, discussed the medical and commercial benefits of Lunar Helium-3 with the Rotary Club of Albuquerque, NM.  Mr. Schmitt advocates building an outpost on the Moon to mine the rare isotope of helium.

Gold United Nations Emblem

UN Proclaims World Space Week, October 4-10 - (December 6, 1999)
The United Nations General Assembly declared October 4-10 of every year as World Space Week.  The declaration was one of several recommendations from UNISPACE III ratified by the General Assembly.

The dates reflect major milestones in the exploration and development of space:

October 4, 1957 -- SPUTNIK I, the first artificial Earth satellite, was launched.
October 10, 1967 -- Treaty on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space entered into force.
Artist Duane Hilton's concept of Santa and his reindeer as they deliver
        Christmas presents to future space colonies

Interplanetary Christmas - NASA Space Science News (December 9, 1999)
In an exclusive interview with Science@NASA, Santa discusses his plans for Christmas on future space colonies.

Artist's rendering of Enterprise module

Enterprise Module and Space Station Internet Media Company Will Take Space
Commerce to New Heights - (December 19, 1999)

Enterprise Opens Commercial Space Race - Space Daily (December 19, 1999)
Companies stake their claim in space - MSNBC (December 10, 1999)

US based Spacehab and RSC Energia of Korolev, Russia, are working on a joint project to build a commercial habitat module for the ISS (International Space Station).  The module, to be named Enterprise, could be completed and in use as soon as 2004.

China's Shenzhou being assembled

Chinese Train for Space Colonies - Yahoo News (December 14, 1999)
China training astronauts for space colonies, scientist says - Florida Today Space Online (December 14, 1999)

News from China's scientific community is stating that China's manned space program aims to progress toward colonizing other planets.  The unmanned test flight of the Shenzhou in November was just an early step in that direction.

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