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Moon in the News

Moon In The News (Jan 2 - Mar 12)

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Mar. 11, 2000 Space: No Air. No Gravity. No Taxes?
Currently there is a bill before Congress that would make most business activities in space tax free for the next 25 years. (

Mar. 10, 2000 Scientists Set Stage for Lively Conference
The 31st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference is set to take place the week of March 13th in Houston, Texas. (

Mar. 2, 2000 Epcot gears up for space flight
Disney, with the help of NASA, is working on a new edition to the Epcot section of its park in Florida.  The Space Pavilion is expected to open in 2002 or 2003. (Orlando Sentinel)

Mar. 1, 2000 Moon Trip Proposed for British Lottery Prize
The company that operates Britain's National Lottery has suggested a moon trip as a possible prize in the lottery's next decade. (

Mar. 1, 2000 High Hopes: A Sports Stadium in Space?
Futurists discuss the possibilities of sports on the moon and in orbital stations. (

Feb. 27, 2000 Patent filed on energy discovery: UC Berkeley and Colorado scientists find valuable new source of fuel
A metabolic switch that triggers algae to turn sunlight into large quantities of hydrogen gas, a valuable fuel, is the subject of a new discovery reported for the first time by University of California, Berkeley, scientists and their Colorado colleagues.  The news appears in this month's issue of the journal "Plant Physiology." (University of California, Berkeley)

Feb. 22, 2000 National Space Society Challenge and Call For Papers
Is an economically self-sufficient space settlement feasible on the Moon or Mars or other bodies in the solar system?  The National Space Society is challenging the aerospace, economic and university communities, and especially those who would reduce the role of Government, to answer that question. (

Feb. 20, 2000 "Non-Traditional" Markets to Begin Space Station Commercialization
A study commissioned by NASA has concluded that "non-traditional" markets, such as education, entertainment, and advertising, are likely to be the first significant commercial users of the International Space Station. (Space Views)

Feb. 18, 2000 Wanted: One cheap space vehicle - Scientists see it as key to interplanetary travel, research
(San Francisco Examiner)

Feb. 18, 2000 Need Shelter on Mars? Grow Trees, Scientist Says
Advances in computers and genetic engineering could pave the way for Human settlement of other planets. (ABC News)

Feb. 17, 2000 Space club ignites membership drive
The Utah chapter of the national Space Society is working to increase interest in the exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond. (Desert News)

Feb. 17, 2000 Many Pennies From Heaven: Asteroid Impacts Render Riches
Asteroid impact sites on Earth can provide vast quantities of valuable mineral deposits.  Similar results can probably be had on the moon. (

Feb. 16, 2000 Giant Impact Puts Moon In A Twist
Scientists a Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) have traced the Moon's orbit back in time to explain why it exhibits an inclination of about 10 degrees.  Most other moons only have a inclination of less than 2 degrees. (SpaceDaily)

Feb. 14, 2000 NPS Gets More Bone Cell Growth In Orbit
Experiments to help reduce calcium loss from the bones of people in micro-gravity are showing results. (SpaceDaily)

Feb. 13, 2000 Space Transportation Conference
Conference to be held in Washington D.C. on June 20th

Feb. 12, 2000 New addition to the Artemis Society Family
We would like to welcome Heyden Reed Pearson, daughter of Boise and Bridgette Pearson, to our family.  Born at 7:20PM MST February 12, 2000.

Feb. 9, 2000 Boeing, Spacedev to End NASA Moonopoly
Boeing and SpaceDev are working on plans for a joint mission to Lunar orbit.   The proposed mission could happen as early as the end of 2001. (

Feb. 7, 2000 Moon, California - Building a Lunar Colony on Earth
Another good article about the proposed Lunar Colony simulation in the desert of southern California. (ABC News)

Feb. 7, 2000 Lunar Colony Could Go Up Soon -- on Earth
A small California town is working with Nader Khalili (an Artemis Society Member) to fund and build a Lunar Base simulation.  Nader is the founder and director of the Cal-Earth Institute. (Yahoo News)

Feb. 7, 2000 New addition to the Artemis Society Family
We would like to welcome Alexander Nishon Cadell, son of Tim and Sandra Cadell, to our family.  Born at 5:44PM PST February 7, 2000.

Feb. 2, 2000 SpaceDev, Boeing head commercially to deep space
Boeing and SpaceDev are investigating joint operations beyond Low Earth Orbit. (Spaceflight Now)

Jan. 31, 2000 Web Site Allows Public To Explore Antarctica
Big Signal an interactive Web site and interface for remote experience that features the daily activities of Nomad, a robot that has been searching for meteorites in Antarctica since Jan. 17, is now available to the public. (Space Daily)

Jan. 29, 2000 Spaceport gets national support from 16 mayors
(Corpus Christi Caller Times)

Jan. 29, 2000 Glenn's Space Vigor Surprises NASA
John Glenn's speedy recovery from shuttle mission bodes well for individuals that may be interested in taking part in space tourism and its future availability. (Yahoo News)

Jan. 27, 2000 Livin' It Up in Space
"It's time to take the moon out of the government's hands and place it with the private sector," say the advocates of space tourism.  That's just what companies like Space Island Group, Bigelow Aerospace and Hilton Hotels Inc. are doing as they roll out plans to commercialize space travel. (Fox News)

Jan. 19, 2000 'Invisible Planets' Gain Favor as Real Estate in Space

Jan. 9, 2000 Business Sees Cash Among the Constellations
Colorado School of Mines held a round table in Oct. concerning the utilization of space based resources. (

Jan. 7, 2000 A ticket to the final frontier
"No longer a starry-eyed dream, vacations in space may be closer than you think."  A rundown on the some of the current players from the space tourism startups. (USA Today)

Jan. 5, 2000 Behold the Moon's shadings as light fades during this month's total lunar eclipse
Story about the Jan. 20th Lunar eclipse. (The Oregonian)

Jan. 2, 2000 Designers seek to fill void of extraterrestrial lodging
Our own President, Gregory Bennett, makes the news again.  This article is about designing for the varying requirements of space tourism, whether it be a station in LEO (low earth orbit), on cruise ship cycling between the Earth and Moon or in a Lunar outpost. (The Sacramento Be)

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