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Artemis Project Desktop Images

Artemis Project: Private Enterprise on the Moon This desktop image ("wallpaper") is available in several sizes and formats. Choose the one that matches yor preferred screen size.
JPEG 640 x 480 94 K.
JPEG 800 x 600 135 K.
BMP 800 x 600 Microsoft Bitmap 1,406 K.
JPEG 1024 x 768 208 K.
JPEG 1600 x 1200 322 K.

Image formats, operating systems, how to download

Windows 95 will need the 800x600 BMP file; you can download it with a right-click on the link.

Windows 98 can use the much more compact jpeg files. Just pick the one that best matches your screen size.

Macintosh users should be able to use any of these, though if you're running an older version of MacOS (prior to MacOS 8?) you'll need to convert JPEG to PICT. To download the image, click on the image and hold. A menu will pop up. Choose "Save this image as..." and pick a file on your computer.

Macintosh users can also download the file directly, without viewing it first, with an option-click on the link to the image.

If you're smart enough to run Unix, you probably already know what you need to do. ( I surely hope so, because I'm not, so I don't. : )

If you need a format that's not listed above, please post a note on artemis-list and I'll try to accommodate you.

Symbolism in this image

This image is just dripping with symbolism related to the Artemis Project. Here's a quick tour.

Lower left: Apollo

Right of Apollo: Lunar Exploration Vehicle from the NASA In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Study. Artwork for NASA by Jack Frassinito.

Above Apollo and the ISRU Rover: the ISRU cargo lander. Artwork for NASA by Jack Frassinito.

Above the Cargo Lander (Upper left): The Artemis Project Reference Mission stack in Earth orbit, being assembled at the Artemis Project LEO Assembly Facility. Note the Soyuz on approach. Artwork by Vik Olliver.

Upper Right: The Artemis Project Reference Mission Exploration Base deployed on the moon. Artwork by Vik Olliver.

Center: Artemis Project regolith-sweeper robot. If you look carefully, you'll see a "no robots" sign posted on the stairs leading up to the lunar base. Artwork by Vik Olliver.

Lower Right: Artemis.

Behind Artemis: ISRU Rover exploring the moon.

Left of Artemis: The Red Bus is "Ivan the Terrabus," an arctic transportation vehicle which served as the prototype for the lunar rover bus.

Bottom Center: Silhouette of a cypress tree, the sacred tree of the goddess Artemis.

Overlay: the Artemis Project logo (a registered trademark). Original design and artwork by Duncan Delp.

The more, the merrier

This image is my first shot at encouraging others to create nifty desktop pictures for the Artemis Project. If you have the resources to do this, please give a try. Artemis Society members can submit images to the Artemis Project Imagery Library via the ASI Web Management System.

Software and Computer Images

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