1998 ECTC Status Reports
Section 9.1.1998.
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September ECTC Status Report

September was another sluggish month for the Electronic Communications Technical Committee as activity levels slowly recovered from the summer doldrums. The month was kicked off by a different kind of ECTC IRC meeting on September 13, where we focused on brainstorming ideas for how the ECTC can jumpstart activities in other parts of ASI. A summary of the initiatives generated during the meeting was distributed to the ECTC membership soon after the meeting for discussion. Turning those initiatives into specific ECTC action items will be the focus of the October ECTC IRC meeting, which will be held on Sunday, October 4 at 7:00 pm ET on the "#ectc" channel on Here is the list of initiatives that was produced during the September meeting:

If you would like to help out with any of those initiatives, you can find out more information and volunteer at the October ECTC IRC meeting.

The ECTC membership count grew by 2 members in September, with three new members offsetting one departing member. Robert Dahlquist and Wayne Kullman joined the ECTC, while Tim Cadell returned to the committee with a new e-mail address. Sam Nelson departed the committee last month. At the end of September, the ECTC had 29 active members, with another 51 people in the Observer or Rep categories. You can find the complete ECTC membership listing, including ICQ numbers, at . As always, there is still a lot of room for new volunteers for ECTC tasks. If you would like to join the ECTC and help with any of those tasks, you can use the form on the ECTC task list page at .

Here is the latest status information from the individual work areas within the ECTC:

Help Desk

Nanci Brasket continued manning the Comm and Info Center. Robert Dahlquist joined Chris Verwey in responding to entries in the Guestbook. Dana Carson updated the guestbook program to send entries directly to Robert, Chris, and Nanci.

Listserver Mailing Lists

The main artemis-list mailing list continued a steady pace of traffic and activity levels increased on several other ASI mailing lists. A minor hiccup in digest processing for the artemis-list resulted in the failure of several digests to be delivered around the middle of the month. Bobby Will made several minor configuration changes to some of the ASI mailing lists.

World Wide Web Server

The ASI web site received a small number of updates this past month, with most of the activity aimed at cleaning up the remaining broken links on the site, an effort led by John Wertz. During September, a total of 16 updates were published to the ASI web site, including 15 modifications to existing documents and 1 deleted document. The latest updates bring the total number of documents on the ASI web site to 2290 HTML documents and 1054 GIF and JPEG images. Most of the work in editing and approving the updates was done by Greg Bennett, John Wertz, Predrag Lezaic, Ian Randal Strock, Simon Rowland, Luanne Jorewicz, Paul Blase, Bobby Will, Richard Perry, John Peel, and Randall Severy. Additional document submissions were made by Brad Reznick.
The mSQL database server on the ASI web site stopped working for several days near the end of the month. Since the WebSite Director software that is used to update documents on the ASI web site uses an mSQL database, this caused WSD to be unavailable during that time. IO's tech support staff restarted the database server at the end of the month and web site update processing is now back to normal.

WWW Conversation Pages

No progress to report this month.

Usenet newsgroups

No progress to report this month.

Online Services

No progress to report this month.

Real-time Meetings

The September ECTC IRC meeting was held on September 13, and had a good attendance rate, with 9 people showing up for part or all of the meeting. As mentioned above, the meeting was a brainstorming session to develop ideas for new projects that the ECTC can undertake to help improve activities throughout ASI. Due to the large number and high quality of the initiatives discussed during the meeting, the meeting was a major success. We hope to continue that progress in the next IRC meeting on October 4, when those initiatives will be turned into specific ECTC projects.


No progress to report this month.

1998 ECTC Status Reports

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