1999 ECTC Status Reports
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February ECTC Status Report

by Randall Severy

February turned out to be a transition month for the Electronic Communications Committee, reflecting a month of changes throughout Artemis Society International. The new ASI membership requirement changed the ECTC significantly, as the committee was converted into a lean and mean group of 40 members. The Team Director product managing the ASI membership database went through several updates as it began to expand beyond the ECTC and manage other ASI technical committees and project teams. Although the major events going on elsewhere in ASI this past month monopolized the time of many of the ECTC members, it still was a productive month for the ECTC.

The weekly IRC "Open Forum" discussions with Greg Bennett continued to grow in popularity each week during February, culminating in Greg's ground-breaking "State of the Artemis Project" speech on February 27. If you would like to join in those discussions, just stop by the #artemis channel on on any Saturday afternoon at 4:00 PM Central Time.

After the initial overhaul of the ECTC membership at the beginning of February, the number of ECTC members remained unchanged for the rest of the month. Greg Lynn joined the committee and Paul Blase left the committee during the past month. You can find the complete ECTC membership listing at . As always, there is still a lot of room for new volunteers for ECTC tasks. If you would like to join the ECTC and help with any of those tasks, you can use the form on the ECTC task list page at .

Here is the latest status information from the individual work areas within the ECTC:

Membership Support

A lot of activity in February involved the Team Director membership system as it went into production use throughout ASI. New reports were developed for local chapter usage and for managing the subscriber list for Moon Miners Manifesto. New e-mail processing was added to support generating welcome messages for new and renewing members. And a new administrative login capability was added to simplify maintenance of the system. By the end of the month, eight committees or project teams in ASI were set up in Team Director. Over the next month most of the remaining active teams in ASI will be set up in Team Director.

Mark Sumner wrote several news articles for the ASI Online News section of the Artemis Project web site in February and several other news articles were posted during the month by other ASI members. Mark Sumner is continuing to collect additional news articles for the ASI Online News pages and a periodic ASI Newsletter. If you have any news items to submit, please send them to Mark at "".

Help Desk

Nanci's sister, Dawna, continued manning the Communications and Information Center in Nanci's absence.

Electronic Mailing Lists

February was a busy month for the ASI mailing lists as activity picked up many lists around Greg's "State of the Artemis Project" speech at the end of the month. The ASI Leadership Council list was especially busy as the council switched into high gear last month. And the asi-admin and asi-mid-atlantic lists woke up from a long dormant period with some new activity. And discussions on the artemis-list mailing list continued at a heavy volume all month.

February was also a busy month for list maintenance activities, as the migration of ASI mailing lists into Team Director increased dramatically. Six mailing lists were reconfigured to be managed by Team Director during February. Bobby Will set up a brand new mailing list, asi-outreach, for the new Outreach Committee. Bobby also updated several ASI mailing lists with new owners and changed the configuration on another list.

World Wide Web Server

A steady flow of updates to the Artemis Project web site continued through the web site management system this past month. During February a total of 108 updates were published to the Artemis Project web site, including 51 new documents, 48 modifications to existing documents, 5 deleted documents, 3 moved documents, and 1 renamed document. The latest updates bring the total number of documents on the web site to 2388 HTML documents and the number of GIF and JPEG images increased to a total of 1082 images. Most of the work in editing and approving the updates was done by Gregory Bennett, John Wertz, Randall Severy, Leah Simpson, Tim Cadell, Jim Sealy Jr, Dale Gray, and Thomas Hopper.

David Lundeen's new ADB outline generator program was set up in early February to run automatically every night to update the ADB outline web pages. Jim Sealy Jr and Greg Bennett set up an archive directory on the Artemis Project web site for Dale Gray's Frontier Status Reports and developed a format for the archive. Candace Bartleson began working with Dale Gray to get his reports into the archive.

WWW Conversation Pages

No progress to report this month.

Usenet newsgroups

No progress to report this month.

Online Services

No progress to report this month.

Real-time Meetings

With the new popularity in the Saturday afternoon "Open Forum" discussions, the use of IRC for communications with ASI has reached an all-time high. ASI members are now stopping by the #artemis channel on on many days through the week and are finding other ASI members to discuss and work on projects with. On Saturdays, ASI members often visit the IRC server several hours before the "Open Forum" meetings to catch up on ASI activities.

The February ECTC IRC meeting turned into a marathon meeting, lasting over four hours, but resulted in a lot of progress in many areas. A total of ten people showed up for some or all of the meeting. Some of the key topics discussed during the meeting were Team Director, the new ADB outline pages, the Web Site Tour, Search Engine registrations, ASI Site Design, and several of the Web Team projects.


No progress to report this month.

1999 ECTC Status Reports

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