Electronic Mailing Lists
Section 9.3.
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All messages sent to most Artemis mailing lists are archived for later access by new Artemis members who want to catch up on what's being going on before they joined or for anyone who wants to find a message they remember seeing before. The archives are made from the digest versions of each mailing list.

To get a list of the archives for a list, send the command "index <listname>" in an e-mail message to "", where <listname> is the name of the digest version of a list. You will receive a list of files, one for each digest that was generated from the list. To request one or more of the archives, send the command "get <listname> <filename>" to "", where <filename> is the name of one of the files in the list you received from the index command.

At the present time, the mailing list archives are only available by using the e-mail commands discussed above. In the future, a web interface will be available that will let you browse the ASI mailing list archives through your web browser.

To find out what's going on to implement this capability, or to volunteer to help, check out archive-related tasks in the ECTC Task List.

Electronic Mailing Lists

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