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How to Use the Artemis Project Mailing Lists

The Artemis Society International (ASI) mailing lists provide a forum for members to discuss and share ideas and expertise for advancing the Artemis Project to the Moon. At the present time, there are over twenty-five mailing lists. The following guidelines outline the rules for participating in the mailing lists. And, since we want meaningful discussions that do not stifle ideas and input, they are more about courtesy than Roberts Rules of Order:
  1. If you are a first-time subscriber, "lurk" for a week or two before posting, and perhaps review the archived messages. This way you can get to know the list and the types of posts.
  2. Keep your messages ON-TOPIC for the list to which you are responding. Please refer to the list of mailing lists (above) to see if your message may be more appropriate for another list.
  3. Make sure your subject headers are appropriate to the subject; change the subject header if your reply drifts from the original message.
  4. Always respect the opinions of others, and avoid personal attacks (flames). If you have a differing opinion, say so clearly and politely, and respond with your own solution.
  5. If you read a message that you think is offensive, either respond to the sender personally (don't use "Reply") or better yet, use the delete key to remove it and move on. Responding to the rest of us accomplishes nothing.
  6. When responding to message, 'quote' as little of the earlier message as necessary to establish context - preferably a single line.
  7. If your message includes a URL for a site that may be of interest to the list, include the http:// part of the URL.
  8. Do not send attachments with your messages. Instead, offer to provide the data to anyone who sends you a request and includes their personal e-mail address.
  9. If you have a long signature, please turn it off before sending your message.
  10. Things to consider when writing your message:
  11. Things to avoid in your messages:
  12. Do not send posts in HTML. This is e-mail, not the web. Most people cannot read HTML posts.
  13. Do not send a WINMAIL.DAT file to every message.
  14. Do not send personal messages; these should be sent directly to that person's e-mail address.
  15. Use upper case and lower case in your posts. ALL UPPER CASE POSTS LOOK LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING.
  16. Keep your subscription information current
Some suggestions that might help you participate:

Electronic Mailing Lists

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