Electronic Mailing Lists
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ECTC Listserver Mailing Lists Status Reports

January 1996

Greg Bennett wrote up the master list of mailing lists and newsgroups for all Artemis activities, which is now posted on the ASI web site. Dana Carson set up a new mailing list for the new Web maintenance team and changed the name of the ECTC mailing list. Randall Severy began research into mailing list server software to select which one would be best for the Artemis mailing lists.

February 1996

A new mailing list, asi-org-local, was created to support the local Artemis chapters. Randall Severy wrote the first draft of the "Electronic Communication Procedure Guide for Artemis Technical Committees", which provides a set of instructions for setting up and using the different parts of the ASI electronic communications infrastructure. The draft document can be found on the ASI web site from a link in the ECTC task list. The master list of mailing lists was updated with several additional planned mailing lists. Randall Severy completed the review of mailing list server software (the review can be found on the ASI web site from a link in the ECTC task list), which concludes that the Unix ListProc software would be the best package to use for the Artemis mailing lists.

March 1996

Three new mailing lists have been requested, one to handle business-related discussions, another to handle the CD-ROM business discussions that have been going on recently, and a third to support the new Lunar Outpost Advance Planning Technical Committee. If the ASI Domain move takes place soon, those three lists will be set up on the new site, otherwise they will be set up on the current site in the near future.

April 1996

Since the ASI domain move has not yet taken place, we decided not to wait on setting up several new mailing lists this month. The art-biz mailing list was set up to handle general business discussions about the Artemis Project. The art-biz-cdrom list will handle those discussions relating to the new CD-ROM project. The Lunar Outpost Advanced Planning Technical Committee now has their own mailing list, art-moonbase. A new mailing list, art-prop, is also now available for the Propulsion Technical Committee. The newly formed SSTO Concept Design Team can use the new list art-ssto for their team discussions. Information about joining any of these mailing lists is available from the Mailing Lists web page at

May 1996

Some glitches occurred with the new art-biz-cdrom mailing list that were caused by bugs in the Listserver software, but the mailing list configuration was quickly updated to avoid the problem and all of the new mailing lists are up and running and becoming very active. You can always get the latest list of ASI mailing lists from the Mailing Lists web page at

June 1996

A new list, asi-osf-leads, was added this month to provide a private discussion group for the chairpersons of all of the OSF Technical Committees and Project Teams.

April 1998

Rhoda Bryant's "Conversation Guidelines for electronic discussions" were a key topic of the April ECTC IRC meeting. To enforce some mailing list policy changes recently approved by the ASI board of directors, Bobby Will changed the configurations of all ASI mailing lists to require list owner approval for any new list subscriptions. Bobby also set up a new ASI mailing list, art-mining, and started work on a request for a new mailing list from the Medical technical committee. The complete list of ASI mailing lists is available at

May 1998

Although there were no configuration changes made to the ASI mailing lists last month, it was hardly a quiet month for the ASI mailing lists. E-mail traffic on the artemis-list and microlander-team mailing lists were extremely heavy all month long, with a lot of excellent discussion taking place on those and other ASI mailing lists. Rhoda Bryant's "Conversation Guidelines for electronic discussions" were discussed again in the May ECTC IRC meeting and will soon be posted on the ASI web site.

Electronic Mailing Lists

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