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Sample Document with ADB Header 2

Gregory Bennett

This is a test of ADB.HEADER2. This is an alternative way of formatting the header in documents in the Artemis Data Book.

The key feature of this header is its compactness. By retaining the essential information but putting it in small header line, we use up less real estate on the screen and make the documents look more professional.

7 April 1998: I updated the sample header based on comments requesting larger type for the top line, and use of a bit color in the text.

Web Team, note that this document's header is really hard-coded. We can work out the appearance of the header this way, before we convert it to a WSD template.

If you have comments about this proposed new header, please send them to the Artemis Society International Web Team <>.

While we're here, let's also test out the new document-ring system with a hard-coded test footer. Note that the Previous and Next links do not work when you view the document in the web management system. However, they do work when the document is published.

This local nav aid is hard-coded:

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This is a test of the Tour engine:

Web Design
Web Design
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This document is a stop on the Artemis Project web design tour.
You're welcome to board the tour bus for the next stop.

Everything below here is added by WebSite Director.

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