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Section 9.4.2.
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Frontier Status Report Formatting

Frontier Status Report

The Frontier Status Reports have their own unique format, so they need some special handling in the web management system.

Please follow these instructions to assure that the reports will have a consistent format and can be maintained and updated with the WebSite Director system.

The tables of contents (index.html files) are maintained using unique index.template documents in each FSR subdirectory. To update the appearance of the table of contents, submit a Modify Document request for the index.template files. Don't forget to submit Modify requests for all FSR index.template files at the same time, so that we can maintain a consistent appearance throughout the FSR web site.

Body of Document

The report, the full report, and nothing but the report.

  1. Remove everything from the top down to the start of text for the report. That includes the HTML header block, titles, credits, the BODY tags, and sometimes a "subscribe" link. Website Director will insert the header information automatically. If we change the appearance of the document, we can use the Apply Template command to update the entire Frontier Status Report web site with a single command.
  2. Remove everything after the end of the report text. That often includes sources, credits, copyrights, other standard FSR information, closing BODY and HTML tags. Usually the last thing in the body should be the Frontier Census Report.

    WebSite Director maintains all the standard information in the footer. Sources are listed in a separate document automatically linked from the footer. If header or footer information needs to be updated, change it in fsr.header or fsr.footer, not in the body of the document.
  3. Check for external links. All links to URL's outside the domain should have targets specified, usually 'target="_blank"'.

Document Info

Set all the Document Info to maintain a consistent appearance, and to make it easy to update and maintain the Frontier Status Report. Once it's set up, WebSite Director makes this easy.

  1. Set Header to fsr.header
  2. Set Footer to fsr.footer
  3. Set Document Title. The format for the Document Title is: Frontier Status Report nnn, where nnn is the serial number of the report.
  4. Set Description to the date. It's important to format the date consistently so that each FSR will have the same appearance. Inconsistencies will be especially obvious in the table of contents. Write it out out fully, exactly like this: January 16, 1999.
  5. Set index position. Check date to see if the document is being inserted into the middle of the list, or if it should be set to "last" or "first".
  6. Author is usually Dale M. Gray. Set it using the WSD pull-down menu.
  7. Maintainer is usually Jim Sealy, Jr. Set it using the WSD pull-down menu.

WebSite Director Comments Block

Your comments tell your teammates what to do.

If the FSR documents need to be published in a specific order for the index position calculation to work (which is almost always the case), note that in the comments.

View Document to Check your work

View Document is your best friend. Use it early and often.

Always use View Document to check your work before approving the document to go on the next stage in WebSite Director. Don't forget to scroll down and check the footer.

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