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Section 9.4.2.
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Maintaining the Omnibus of Space Information on the Web

Let's create several documents in Appendix K so it will be easy to find the references you're looking for when you go to the Omnibus:

I'm sure we'll discover more categories as we go along.

It might seem like we're putting the actual links pretty far down the tree, but it will be lots easier for the user if we organize these links and keep the files small enough that it doesn't take several minutes to download a web page just to find a single link. We want to make it very obvious how to find what you're looking for.

For instance, someone looking for a space organization in Utah would check the Artemis Data Book outline and see the title of Appendix K. That's pretty obvious -- if you're looking for an external link, it's the place to look. Then in Appendix K you'd find a document entitled Space Organizations. Again, really obvious.

If you wanted to find a rivets manufacturer, you'd look under Spacecraft Parts Suppliers.

A given URL might be listed under several categories. So, ideally, we would set up Appendix K to build its web pages from a database that includes the name, URL, and description. However, we can get this started by building those files manually.

We also could put a note, with a link to Appendix K, in the header (.summary) for other sections where people might be searching for nearby folks with space on their minds:

Section 8
Artemis Society Affliates
Section 10
Artemis Project Program Participants

Links in Appendix K should point to stable URLs, not ephemeral places. For instance, we would like have a general web site for a series of conferences, but not try to maintain links to each individual year's conferences. If the folks who run the conference will commit to maintaining the document in the Artemis Data Book, then we might also include a document that lists the individual sites. That would require that the person maintaining the document be a member of Artemis Society International and a member of the ASI Web Team.

Web Site Design

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