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MMM Article Guidelines

Candace Dicks and Gregory Bennett

Each Moon Miners Manifesto article needs to be converted to html as it comes through the system, but that's only the start.


Some of the articles include artwork, so they might spend a while in the editing stage while you wait for the art to appear in the Imagery Library. Go ahead and do the html, and we'll figure out where the images go as we get them. The procedure for getting images for the articles into the system is: Email them to Nanci Brasket <>. Nanci will put them in the Imagery Library. Also include, in the body of the message accompanying the image, the data needed for the Image Library index. It is easiest for Nanci if you send her the html with everything except the image number; then she can just add it to the existing file. You can get the format for the Imagery Library records from You call up that file in your brower, View Source, pick a record from the file, and update it to match your image.

Document Info

Use the Document Info screen.

Be careful to set the file information in the Document Info screen. Each file needs a file name, and the destination directory should be /adb/06/09/03/02/xxx/, where xxx is the issue number. For instance, issue number 97 goes into /adb/06/09/03/02/097/.

It's also very important to set the Document Title in the Document Info screen. WebSite Director uses the document title to create a listing for your document in the Table of Contents for each directory in the Artemis Data Book. (We're talking about the real document title here; don't confuse it with the <TITLE> tag used in html; although WSD will take care of that tag in the html header it adds to the beginning of the document.)

Some of the MMM articles have very long titles. When you encounter one of these, you'll need to be creative. In the Document Info screen, enter a title that is sufficiently explanatory to show up in the table of contents for that issue; and then hard-code the rest of the title in the body of the document if you need to.

When formatting the title, don't use all uppercase even if the incoming text shows it that way.

When an MMM article arrives in WebSite Director via email, the subject line of the message includes a note like MMM #97 Article 5. In the Document Info screen, check the entry that tells the file's position in the index, and set it to the article number. That will tell WSD to put the articles in the correct order when it builds the index.html for that issue.

In the Document Info set the header and footer templates to mmm.header and mmm.footer. Because there are so many different authors for the MMM articles, many will not have accounts in the ASI Web Management system; so we left the author out of the mmm.header and mmm.footer templates. At the beginning of the body of the document, put in the author's byline formatted, centered in italics: <p align=center><i>authorname</i></p>.

Editing in Web Formatting

Watch out for diatribes.

If the text of an MMM article seems to be too rough on NASA, or anybody else, please note it in the Comments. Some of the stuff will be edited after the Web Formatting stage, so don't concern yourself with doing it yourself. If an article is nothing but anti-something, set Gregory Bennett as author in the Document Info screen (not in the body of the document), note your conern in the Comments field, and disapprove it to Author Correction. Don't invest a lot of your time formatting an article if you don't think it has any salvageable content at all.

A few articles published in the print edition of Moon Miners' Manifesto aren't appropriate for the online edition. However, if you think an article has great stuff but just a bit of nastiness needs to edited out, go ahead and get it ready for the web. Peter Kokh gave Greg permission to fix these things; hence, the notes about rejecting documents back to Greg's Author Correction stage.

In any case, never dump stuff into Greg's Author Correction stage unless there's a clear need to do so. Only one criterion applies: Will this get us closer to the moon? Adding to Greg's workload slows us down, but a diatribe on the Artemis Project web site could stop us dead in our tracks; so use your best judgement.

NEVER change the writing style.

This is really important. We can lose a valuable contributor if, just once, someone makes arbitrary changes to writing style. We've also had far too many instances where a web formatter added sentences and made changes to wording, and ended up completely changing the meaning of the document.

If you are very sure of what you are doing, go ahead and fix typographical errors, very obvious grammatical errors, and misspelled words; but never change words to adjust the writing style, and never, never, never add a sentence to an article appearing under someone else's byline.

If you think something needs to be changed to make the article understandable, note your suggested changes in the Comments field and reject it back to the author. If the author does not have an account in the ASI Web Management System (most MMM authors don't have WSD accounts), leave the document in Web Formatting and send email to the author explaining your suggested changes.

Do not reject a document to Peter Kokh's Author Correction stage. We have set up a WSD username for Peter, but he does not have access to the web. If you need to correspond with Peter, send him email at <>.

In any case, note any changes you make in the Comments field. This guideline applies to all documents on the Artemis Project web site. Never make a change to a document without describing the changes in the Comments that go with the document. Don't just say "fixed wording;" tell exactly what changes you made so the author knows what to look for.

Do not change references to dates in the articles. This is unnecessary; the reader knows that we are presenting a historical archive of Moon Miners Manifesto, and the original publication date appears in the header of each article.

Multi-part Articles

Some articles span several issues of MMM.  For multi-part articles in the same issue of Moon Miners Manifesto, go to the Document Info screen and set each document to the same number in the index. That will cause the articles to group together, and increase our chances of getting them in the right spot in the flow for each issue. Send the articles through the system together, when the whole group is done. WSD will sort them together as they are published, so we'll have less manual sorting to do later.

Link Alert

 Please don't link to That document is scheduled to be removed. The new introductory page is already in the footer, so you should never need to add a link the Artemis Project or Artemis Society International main pages in the body of the document. However, if the need does arise, link to:

Older Issues of Moon Miners Manifesto

We'll also need to find folks willing to type in somewhere between 20 and 40 issues manually in order to complete the Great MMM Online Project. Since Moon Miners Manifesto averages about eight articles per issue, we have somewhere between 160 and 240 articles that need to be typed manually.

Tuning up the on-line edition of Moon Miners Manifesto

Later, when we've done as much as we can, we'll run all the old MMM articles in issues #90 through #94 through WebSite Director to pick up the new header and footer, and to get them properly organized into the table of contents that WSD creates in the index.html file.

To do this:

  1. Remove code for header and footer.
  2. At the beginning of the body of the document, put in the author's byline formatted, centered in italics: <p align=center> < i > authorname</i> </p>.
  3. Remove links to the index.
  4. Remove links and references to the old frames index files. We don't use these any more.
  5. Remove indents forced with non-breaking spaces.
  6. Check to see if images are available, and add them as appropriate.

  7. If you get lost in the Imagery Library, ask Nanci Brasket at to help you find stuff.
  8. Put the title of the article in Document Info.
  9. Do not include MMM issue number in article title.
  10. Set position in index in Document Info.
  11. Update formatting to ADB standards, as required.
Issue Numbers and Dates

The title of each directory shows the issue number and date. The Artemis section of MMM, Pleaides, started with issue 90. The issues are numbered as follows:

Moon Miners Manifesto
Publication Dates
     1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
     ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Feb        2    12   22   32   42   52   62   72   82   92   102  112
Mar        3    13   23   33   43   53   63   73   83   93   103  113
Apr        4    14   24   34   44   54   64   74   84   94   104  114
May        5    15   25   35   45   55   65   75   85   95   105  115
Jun        6    16   26   36   46   56   66   76   86   96   106  116
Jul        7    17   27   37   47   57   67   77   87   97   107  117
Sep        8    18   28   38   48   58   68   78   88   98   108  118
Oct        9    19   29   39   49   59   69   79   89   99   109  119
Nov       10    20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100   110  120
Dec   1   11    21   31   41   51   61   71   81   91  101   111  121

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