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Artemis on GEnie


This document, first published in early 1994, is retained here in the Artemis Data Book because of its historical signicance to the Artemis Project. In the years since then the GEnie Science Fiction Round Table has migrated to services such as sffnet and the Science Fiction Round Table on the web. As far as we know, the Artemis Project topics on GEnie have become moribund and archived.

Today, the archives of the Artemis Project are all stored here in the Artemis Data Book, and the discussion forums are in electronic mailing lists, Internet Relay Chat, and other media described in this section of the Artemis Data Book.

The astute reader will notice the heritage of the outline of the Artemis Data Book in the layout of the topics in the original Artemis Project Forum on GEnie.

GEnie's Science Fiction Round Table is host to the primary public forum for The Artemis Project. Artemis isn't science fiction, but we found a home in the SFRT because so many science fiction writers (who masquerade as mild-mannered aerospace engineers during daylight hours) are contributing to the project. The table below lists the topic numbers and subjects for the "Artemis Project" category.

Page 473, Category 28

  1. News and Announcements

  2. Mission Design - First Flight
  3.   Access to Low Earth Orbit
  4.   Earth Orbit to Lunar Surface
  5.   Site Selection
  6.   Lunar Surface Operations
  7.   Ascent and Rendezvous
  8.   Return to Earth
  9.   Earth Orbit Operations

  10. Future Development
  11.   Expanding the Lunar Base
  12.   Lunar Mining
  13.   Science on the Moon
  14.   Alternative LTV Missions
  15.   Cislunar Space Traffic Model
  16.   Support to Planetary Missions
  17.   Development of Space Habitats
  18.   Recreation and Tourism

  19. Spacecraft Design
  20.   Lunar Transfer Vehicle
  21.   Descent Stage
  22.   Lunar Habitat
  23.   Ascent Stage
  24.   Surface Vehicles and Robots

  25. Systems Design
  26.   Guidance, Nav, Control, Comm
  27.   Electrical Power
  28.   Life Support Systems
  29.   Pressure Vessels
  30.   Structures and Mechanisms
  31.   EVA Systems
  32.   Propulsion
  33.   Mission Equipment
  34.   Test and Verification

  35. Publications

  36. The Business of Artemis
  37.   The Balance Sheet
  38.   Cost Analysis
  39.   Financing the Project
  40.   Revenue Sources
  41.   Legal and Political Issues
  42.   Electronic Communication

  43. The Artemis Society

How to Get a GEnie Account

1.Set your terminal software to 8, 1, no, half duplex (local echo) at 300, 1200, or 2400 baud.
2. Have a major credit card account number ready. In the U.S. you may also use your checking account.
3.Dial toll-free 1-800-638-8369 (in Canada, dial 1-800-387-8330). Upon connection, enter HHH.
4.At the U#= prompt type JOINGENIE and press RETURN.
5.At the Offer Code prompt enter this Special Code: DRC524

GEnie will waive your first monthly $8.95 subscription fee and credit your account with 10 hours free usage. GEnie Client Services may be reached at 1-800-638-9636. GEnie is a service of GE Information Services, 401 N. Washington Street, Rockville, MD 20850.

We recommend using a front-end program such as Aladdin (PC computers) or Online Servant (Macintosh) once you've established your account. These programs can be downloaded from GEnie's libraries. Other front-end programs such as GEnie for Mac are currently being developed. Until you have a good navigator program, refer to the primer below.

A Very Brief Primer on Manually Accessing GEnie Round Tables

These notes show you how to get to the Artemis Project category and read messages. You type the commands shown in bold characters. GEnie responses are shown in normal type, and comments are in italics.

Sign on, welcome message, GEnie announcementsOnce you've signed on, GEnie tells you what's new.
Enter #, [H]elp, or [CR] to continue? RETURNType a carriage return to get to the command prompt.
P 1? M 473
See that "P1" prompt? GEnie is telling you you're on page 1. The command prompt changes as you move from page to page, and from category to category within a Round Table. Type a carriage return after each command.
This moves you to page 473, the Science Fiction Round Table. GEnie is generally organized as ... Pages (round tables and other nifty services), Round Tables (discussion areas and libraries), Categories (groups of topics), Topics, Messages. Messages are sequential in each topic, and topics are mostly permanent. GEnie doesn't use message threads which vaporize overnight if nobody immediately replies.
Round Table banner and announcementsWhat's new.
P 473 ? 1Choose item 1, the SFRT #4 message area
SF&F Round Table Bulletin Board
Hello YOUR.NAME [your nickname]
Last On: [Date]
Category 1 SFRT Administration -- All About the SFRT
Getting close! You're now in the Science Fiction Round Table. (GEnie has three SF&F round tables; Artemis is in SFRT #4.)
Command: CATegories, TOPics, REAd, REPly, BROwse, SETcat, EXIt, or HELpOne example of the GEnie command prompt. You might see a menu instead.
1 ? SET 28Choose category 28, The Artemis Project
Category 28 The Artemis ProjectGEnie tells you where you are.
Command: CATegories, TOPics, REAd, REPly, BROwse, SETcat, EXIt, or HELpNote that GEnie reminds you of what category you're in with each prompt.
28 ? READ 1 NEWRead new messages in topic 1, News and Announcements. GEnie keeps track of what messages you've read in each topic.

READ ALL NEW to read all the Artemis topics
READ 34 NEW for just the "Publications" topic
REPLY to post a note in the topic you're currently reading.
28 ? BYETo log off

This information is provided by the Lunar Resources Company, which sponsors The Artemis Project. The Lunar Resources Company is not affiliated with GE Information Services and does not receive monetary compensation from your use of GEnie.


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