Program Participants and Corporate Sponsors
Section 10.
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Sponsorship Levels

There are important differences between a sponsor of the Artemis Society, and a sponsor of the Artemis Project. The primary one is money.

Someone sponsoring ASI is doing nice things for Artemis Society International as an organization. Allowing ASI the use of idle capital resources is an example.

A company sponsoring the Artemis Project has paid a significant chunk of money, and can represent itself as a sponsor of the project.

It's a rather arbitrary distinction -- we had to come up with a way for ASI to seek help and donations without diluting the value of the Artemis Project trade name -- but not without precedent. Many endeavors have different levels of sponsorship. For instance, if you see a company using the five-color Olympic rings, they paid very big bucks for the privilege.

We have not yet defined the full sponsorship program for the Artemis Project. This will come along as the definition of the program matures, with detailed business plans and mission plans. When these plans are available, we will provide an index here in section 10 of the Artemis Data Book.

Program Participants and Corporate Sponsors

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