Frequently Raised Objections
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Apollo Never Landed on the Moon

The notion that the Apollo program faked the moon landings comes up now and then during public discussions of the Artemis Project. Recently (April 2001) a new flood of communication on this subject came up because of a "documentary" that aired on the Fox television network.

The allegation that the Apollo moon landings were faked is, of course, pantently absurd. Rather than waste space on our web server discussing it, we refer to others who have already done an excellent job of addressing the silly notion:

Fox TV and the Apollo Moon Hoax. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy web site. Phil Plait answers the allegations ponit by point, and provides links to additional debunkers of this hoax.

Faking a Hoax. Michael Medved editorial in USA Today. Michael Medved compares this hoax to television exploitation of sex and violence with a note that "the medium's single-most irresponsible excess actually involves the shameless promotion of public paranoia."

The Apollo Moon Landings were NOT Faked. Professional astronomer Jim Scotti shows you the pictures the hoaxers use as "evidence" and explain what's really going on, point by point. He also provides lots of links to more web sites about the no-Apollo hoax.

Frequently Raised Objections

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