Frequently Raised Objections
Section J2.
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This document serves as header for objections about of the Artemis Project lunar development program and Artemis Society International that defy rational classification. We acknowledge that most items in this category tend to be so inane that they are out of place on on the Artemis Project web, but we include them here to serve as a convenient reference when the issues do arise.

Return to the table of contents for this section of the Artemis Data Book to find the list of issues we address here.

Here among the Frequently Raised Objections, we address issues that we have already dealt with, but continue to come up quite often. We hope that by doing this we can reduce the amount of time we spend answering the same questions, so we can concentrate on getting you to the moon. You will find the answer to other technical and mission issues, as well as discussion of issues we're still working on (and where we can use your help) throughout the 2,000 documents in the Artemis Data Book.

Sometimes folks are just plain disappointed that we chose the moon as our goal. There's not much we can do about that. All we can say to suggestions that we abandon our lunar goals to pursue some other aspect of space development is a polite, "Thank you for the input, and we wish you well in that endeavor." We have chosen the moon, not only to keep us focused on an attainable goal, but also because we believe the moon is the front door to the universe. It is the vital first step for private space programs which will establish an enduring economic future for unbounded space development.

We also get our share of armchair quarterbacks who like to take pot shots at the Reference Mission plan. Although subjecting the mission plan to detailed technical analysis doesn't make much sense during the conceptual design phase, we welcome these inputs because there's a good chance that with hundreds of minds thinking about the problem, we'll discover important factors that we have previously overlooked.

If you have additional issues you would like to raise or questions you want to ask, please join Artemis Society International and participate in our on-going development of the program.

Frequently Raised Objections

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