Frequently Raised Objections
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Space is Bo-o-o-oring

It is? Then why are you reading this?

OK, seriously, if you try hard enough, you can make almost anything seem boring. Imagine any adventure film you've seen and enjoyed. Now imagine that same film, but shot with a narrator speaking in a monotone, saying "uh" every fourth word. Imagine what the film would have been like if they never moved the camera and the only image of the main characters was mug shots of people having a bad hair day; and when they speak, they are only allowed to speak of approved technical things in that same government-issue approved monotone.

Imagine watching six straight hours of a room full of people silently staring at ugly blue consoles, where all you can see is the vents on top of the consoles. There might be a lot of adventure going on, but you'd never tell it. On the other hand, if this sort of imagery really thrills you, trying watching someone silently read a really great science fiction book.

Space, the way NASA presents it, can be boring; but if we look behind the scenes even in the government space program, it is filled with fun, excitement, and human drama. Astronauts and flight controllers are real people, with real lives and interests and personalities. Our job is to capture that human adventure and present it in its most exciting form via movies, television, and printed stories.

Science fiction movies have been capturing everyone's imagination for decades. We plan to do just that, to bring the drama and excitement of space travel home to you. And with the added bonus that the Artemis Project is real, we make the whole thing relevant to your personal life, and we can do it without having to resort to scientifically silly notions to shore up a weak plot line.

Besides all that, if the Artemis Project fulfills its full potential, you will be able to fly in space yourself! You will be able to experience weightlessness, to live in a city on the moon where you can leap over tall buidings -- well, a short building, anyhow -- in a single bound, and to take your part in the greatest of all human adventures. If that bores you, then we'll have to agree, you are really in the wrong place!

Frequently Raised Objections

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