Frequently Raised Objections
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There's no commercial market for manned spacecraft

We are a commercial market for manned spacecraft.

The moment we establish a permanent exploration base on the moon, people will want to go there. As the lunar community grows, so will the market for commercial space transportation. Besides transporting holiday adventurers to and from the moon, we will need regular flights for the people who are working on the moon. We will need cargo flights to resupply and expand the lunar facilities.

Many people are pushing for commercial passenger and cargo spacecraft to happen. This is a major theme among the many activities of National Space Society members, and it's whole point of the Space Access Society. With Artemis Project we complement that effort by working the other side of the equation -- by establishing facilities on Luna that need low-cost access to space, we are pulling on the same goal from the other end. We are creating the market for commercial spacecraft.

Frequently Raised Objections

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