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Astronomy Software & Computing

These sites are resources for observation of planetary bodies and the analysis of data. Here are their homes on the World Wide Web.

If we've missed anything, or you would like to update the location or description of your space organization, please contact us.

Software and Computing Sites

Astronomy Software for the Linux OS
A mailing list of people who are interesting in porting software packages for reducing astronomical data (typically used by professional astronomers) to Linux.

Astronomy Software Servers
List of software available on mainframes.

U.S. Naval Observatory Data Online
Many different informational links regarding observations of the Moon from different points on the Earth.

Deep-Sky Planner Home Page
Deep-Sky Planner is an easy-to-use astronomical observing, imaging, and photography planning tool.

Solar System Data and Ephemeris Computation Service which provides access to key solar system data and flexible production of highly accurate ephemerides for solar system objects (21000+ asteroids and comets, 63 natural satellites, 9 planets, the Sun).

Mosley's Annotated List of Astronomy Software
Long list of astronomy programs for personal computers. Contact information is provided.

Sienna Software
Starry Night planetarium program.

Time Service Department
The Official Source of Time for the Department of Defense and the Standard of Time for the United States.

The U.S. Naval Observatory
The U.S. Naval Observatory's mission is to determine the positions and motions of celestial objects, to provide astronomical data, to measure the Earth's rotation and to maintain the Master Clock for the United States.

Web Version of MICA
This page enables you to obtain many kinds of astronomical data, including celestial coordinates, sidereal time, lunar and planetary configurations and aspects, and rise/set times.

What is Universal Time?
Explains the difference between "Universal Time" (abbreviated UT) and "Greenwich Mean Time" (abbreviated GMT).

Where to get The Astronomical Almanac, and other Almanacs

Willmann-Bell, Inc. Astronomical Computing Resources
On-line store of astronomical books and software.

Omnibus of Space Information on the Web

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