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Related External Web Sites

The following is a list of papers with content matter relevant to the Moon as a whole, missions to the moon, and companies and organizations whose focus is on the moon, but located elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

The Moon Society
The international organization for the study and development of the moon.

National Space Science Data Center Moon Page
Facts, missions, and links to other resources

Nine Planets Luna Page (SEDS)
Basic facts about the moon

Earth and Moon Viewer (Fourmilab Switzerland)
Generates views of Luna from Earth, or Earth from Luna, at a specified date and time

Inconstant Moon
Astronomical observations of the moon for each day in the lunar cycle, in an artistic presentation. Takes its name from a short story by Larry Niven. Warning: music, frames.

The Space Environment: An Overview

The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Flight by flight, word for word, transcription of communication between mission control and the Apollo astronauts.

The Face of the Moon (Linda Hall Library)
Many historical images. Drawings of the face of the moon from observors throughout history, beginning with Galileo in 1554.

Lunar Underground Web Ring
Home page for the Lunar Underground Web Ring. All web sites related to the moon are welcome and encouraged to join the ring. A service of Artemis Society International.

Lunar Prospector
Lunar Prospector was launched to the Moon on January 6, 1998 and impacted the south polar region on July 31, 1999. It started out as a private lunar mapping mission, and eventually was sponsored by NASA at the Ames Research Center.

Lunar Module Team Logos (Grumman)
Some fascinating history: the logos that the Grumman lunar module teams used during the Apollo program. Each lunar module team had its own mission patch.

TransOrbital's Trailblazer 2001 and Electra missions to the moon have their roots in Artemis Society International's Microlander Team.

The corporate side of the Lunar Rover Initiative. LunaCorp signed their first major sponsor, Radio Shack, in 2000.

Lunar Rover Initiative (Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute)
The technical side of the Lunar Rover Initiative.

Lunar Retriver Mission (Applied Space Resources)
ASR is a marketing firm pushing a lunar sample return mission.

Lunar Institute of Technology
Imaginary university on the moon. Has been undergoing rennovation since 1997. Mostly broken links at this time.

If your company or organization has a web site that should be included in this list, please write to As of this writing there are more than 3000 documents in the Artemis Data Book, so be sure to include the URL of this web page in your message.

About the Moon

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