Biography of Gregory Bennett
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The Gregory Bennett Bibliography

Science Fiction Stories

Fish Tank
Fish TanknovellaAnalogJune 95
The Last Plague novella AnalogApril 94
Protocolshort story AnalogMid-Dec 93
Swan SongnoveletteAnalogAug 93
Tinker's Spectacles noveletteAnalogJun 93

Other Publications

This is a partial listing of technical publications. The truth is that Greg has never made a complete list of vanity-press technical-society papers, and really can't remember them all. If you've read this far, you deserve a reward for your diligence; so we'll let you in on a secret: Greg is also the original author of all the Artemis Project fact sheets and most of the stuff published in the first few issues of Artemis Society International's monthly newsletter, Pleiades.

The Artemis Project: Selling the MoonAnalog January 1995
Toward [space] station operability Aerospace AmericaNovember 1988,published by AIAA.
EVA Design Integration for Space Station AssemblyAEROTECH 88/SAE, Oct 3-6, 1988AnaheimSociety of Automotive Engineers
Space Station Operations in the Twenty-First CenturyAIAA1986
Manned Space Flight Operations AnalysisAIAA1985
Space Station Yesterday and TomorrowAIAA1984
SST Handling QualitiesAIAA1975

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Biography of Gregory Bennett

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