Biographies of People in the Artemis Project
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Simon Rowland

Simon Rowland

Role in the Artemis Project

Simon Rowland was the founding director of the Artemis Data Book, and built it to the first 500 articles over 1995 and 1996. The Data Book and its lasting organization has since continued its growth to house over 2,000 documents today.

Simon sourced, cataloged, edited and marked-up most of the articles in the ADB's early history, and wrote a not-insignificant chunk of its content. Through the course of this work, a significant organization to divide labour in editing, markup, and to approve changes formed and ultimately developed in to one of the Artemis Project's largest teams incorporating dozens of volunteers. This submission and revision system was ultimately cemented into process through the development of CyberTeam's WebSite Director product line.

In the mid-1990's Simon regularly spoke at aerospace-related conferences and conventions about the Moon Society and his engineering research (among other things), and has given plenty of television and radio interviews in the name of space advocacy. Simon has occasionally felt inspired to get a team organized around a project.

Simon finds and coordinates partner organisations for the Artemis Society. He is also the Artemis Society local contact for the Toronto area, and makes movements from time to time to organize a Moon Society local chapter. Simon has been on the board of various Canadian aerospace organizations, including the Canadian Space Society and the Canadian Space Exploration and Development Institute.

Finally, he does miscellaneous work for a variety of other technical committees which usually entails writing technical papers, does engineering analysis, has organized a resonable list of projects, and has a long history of trying to motivate people on the team.

Personal Stuff

Simon has a set of interests too broad to fit under a single generalization: pure and applied science, civilizations in history, political and economic science and theory, space development, computers, the Moon, theology and philosophy, and evolutionary biology. He can speak French well enough to stumble through a conversation, enough Spanish to get people to laugh at his jokes, and barely enough Latin to decipher a motto.

Biographies of People in the Artemis Project

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