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Help with Search Options

Case Sensitive: Forces the search to return items capitalized exactly as typed. For example, with this option checked, a search for "artemis" will not register items containing only "Artemis" or "ARTEMIS".

Partial Match: Allows for return of partial matches. For example, a search for "art" would return not only "art" but "artemis", "heart", "artwork", and so on.

Show Line Number: This option changes the results list to create a link accompanying the sample of text, not only identifying the lines the keyword was found on, but providing a link to the specific line of the document containing the keywork.

Maximum Hits: Limits the number of returns for a search. Use when searching for common terms so the entire database is not returned to you as hits, or to reduce search times.

Hits Per Results Screen : Defines the number of positive search results displayed per screen. Reduces download time on searches with large returns. For example, a search for a common terms such as "spacecraft" may return hundreds of individual instances. This will break up the listing into several more easily managed pages, rather then of one very large page.

Ignore Old Files: Only returns files which were created or modified within a specified number of days from today. Use this if you are searching for new files only.

Web Site Utilities

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